Useful Online Libraries for Nurse and Nursing Students

Nursing is a complex subject. Everyday ailments and injuries number into the thousands and patients are stressful to handle.

With a little help from online libraries, nurses can find the professional help the need quickly and with little hassle. Here are the best online libraries for nurse and nursing students.

Nursing Libraries

Offering helpful articles and best books on topics ranging from patient care to research, online libraries save students and practicing nurse a lot of time.

Here are the best online libraries for nursing specific reference material.

  1. Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library :
    Offering nurses around the world free access to dependable nursing research and information, this site has helpful tutorials and simple abstracts.
  2. National Network of Libraries of Medicine :
    This government library includes links to a whole host of medical resources for nurses in a range of specialties.
  3. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses :
    With free references materials and articles for surgical nurses, this library also includes audio lectures.
  4. Intute :
    A resources for nursing, midwifery and general health, this UK-based library offers easy access resources for professional use.
  5. Lippincott’s Nursing Center :
    Resources helping nurses provide patients with better care, this library has the newest peer evaluated articles and reference materials around.
  6. Nursing World:
    Nurse are often confronted by extreme stress and complex ethical issues, this library from the American Nurses Association helps with job resources,
    ethics guidelines and the most up to date research.
  7. The Student Nurse Information Center :
    Dedicated to providing nursing students with helpful information and links, this online library has research articles, reference texts and specialty journals.
  8. Virtual Nurse :
    An online library of online nursing libraries, this site offers users hundreds of reference tools for various specialties.
  9. Martindaile’s Nursing Center :
    Offering medical research courses, lectures and textbooks, this library gives nurses helpful reference material for continuing education or general professional use.
  10. Journal of Advanced Nursing :
    One of the most prestigious academic and research journals for nursing, this library of JAN articles covers current events and research topics relevant to healthcare.

Research Library

  1. All Nurses:
    An online community and library for nurses, this site provides articles covering the latest in news and research.
  2. The Free Library :
    This free online library includes millions of articles and books on a range of topics but also contains hundreds of helpful resources for nurses.
  3. AEGiS :
    A library providing AIDS education an reference material, this site is a service provided by the US government.
  4. Vitual Stethoscope :
    This online library for nurses is provided by a Canadian medical research school and focuses on training and education for auscultation or the act of listening to the internal sounds of the body.
  5. WCSU Libraries :
    A library for nursing students this site includes helpful tutorials and archives for research articles.
  6. SPC Library Online :
    A database of nursing articles and e-books, this resource also includes links to other helpful online libraries
  7. NurseUniverse :
    This library has tools and tips for students nurses trying to finish their degree or find a job.
  8. Pain Resource Center :
    Offering articles and guides for patients with chronic pain, this library provides pain assessment tools and information on special conditions.
  9. NurseZone :
    Journals and news effecting nurses, this library has advice, reference sources and video from every specialty.
  10. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses :
    Featuring medical research from prestigious nursing schools and labs, this library of journal articles from the AACN is a must for any critical care nurse.